Artist Statement

As a living being, my body relies on light for its intrinsic value. But as a human, I have the ability to appreciate light for its aesthetic traits. Even though I have this ability, I often do not appreciate light for its beauty. Recently, I became inspired by light creations seen in curved windows in a building I frequently walked by. Because the forms and colors were so different from what I imagined would be projected on the surface of the windows, I began searching for other abstract creations of light. Through my more recent work, I have explored my own interpretations of light through a abstracted style of representation.

I started out this body of work with a simple goal: to explore and interpret light during the fleeting moments where light created unique imagery. However, throughout the process of creating this work, I shifted my focus to be about change. Not only was the light changing, but my perception of light had changed. The harmonious shifts in color and organic line quality of my paintings express the change and shifting of light. Inspired by spill-paintings, my prints allude to something being lit from behind by a powerful light source. Within each of the compositions that make up my series, I have allowed light to influence and change me as an artist.

Because humans are accustom to light and its power, it is not commonplace that they stop and experience light for all that it has to offer. Light is an unseen force until it interacts with something else. By letting the light touch one's imagination, as it has mine, humans can acknowledge and experience gratefulness that comes with appreciating light. Because one of the differences between human and animal is an ability to see aesthetically and to think intellectually, humans are able to notice the beauty in light. Although I existed blind to light's power for many years, I am now aware. I have shifted as an artist because of illumination and have been enlightened by change.